5 Ways You Can Use Your Yoga Block

Spread the news, tell your friends! Those yoga blocks that you’ve been using in yoga class are way more than something that can “bring the ground up to you”. Oh and for those who don’t have to use the blocks, you’re not better than the rest of us you’re just...better at yoga. Ok fine, we envy you at times (what’s your secret!) yet it’s all out of love. But wait, you’re about to learn that maybe you need those blocks after all because there is so much more to them than meets the eye. We will show you what we mean…

Keeps things stable and in convenient distance

It’s the age of multitasking and for people who work from home or students busy studying, you use blocks to place your beverage of choice near you, right?! Well, now you will! A block is a brilliant tool to keep that cup of joe by your side to ensure it’s accessible and safe. Cheers!


As a computer stand

Perhaps it’s not the most steady way to do it but a little risk goes a long way! Sometimes when you’re on your laptop not only do you need to prop it up a little (get it?!) you need to channel that life force energy to keep going strong so you let out a little ommmmm. Watch as your productivity soars and a sense of inner peace washes over you. It’s a win-win.


Watch things from your electronic device at the perfect height

Do you spend hours watching YouTube videos or stream Netflix on your phone? No judgement from us. Yogis who like to do a few poses or stretch out while watching know how annoying it is trying to figure out how to see the screen at the right angle. You can’t see everything right and you end up with a few kinks in your neck the next day. Ugh! Enter the block. Ah, once again saved in the nic of time. The almighty block has your back again and voila, viewing got that much better.


For the musically inclined, it’s a way to show off your talent

His shirt says Onmygame for a reason! Even if you’re not a drummer by trade, you may be a drummer at heart. Or you could be taking up shamanic drumming to compliment your yoga practice. You spiritual seeking warrior you! So grab the block, do your thing and make some magic.


A traveling pillow

Well, now that you know all the ways you can use your block- you’ll have it on you at all times. So when you need to get a little shut eye and you don’t have a pillow, the block is the next best thing. Lay back, relax and rest your head down on that block that has come in clutch so many times and in many different situations.


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